Investment incentives in Bahrain:

In Bahrain investment and commercial incentives have been incorporated into the legal system to facilitate start up businesses.

These include:

  • Highly favourable tax environment with no personal, corporate or withholding taxes;
  • Freely convertible and stable currency linked at a fixed rate to the United States dollar (USD);
  • Low-cost utilities, fuel and telecommunications;
  • Attractive industrial incentive package including development finance;
  • Services factory and warehouse sites available at low cost;
  • 100% foreign ownership of companies and of land permitted;
  • Mature legal infrastructure and internationally accepted trade practices;
  • Western Asia’s international financial centre, as well as a strategic geographical location, as a transit centre in regional market;
  • Proximity and strong business ties with the major markets;
  • Major centre of regional insurance activities;
  • Extensive free-zone and offshore facilities;
  • The region’s most advanced digital telecommunications system;
  • Cost effective, highly trained, bilingual workforce;
  • GCC customs duties on imports;
  • Easy access to visas;
  • Fast track company registration;
  • Free movement of capital and foreign exchange; and
  • “One-stop” facility responsible for assisting investors with application procedures.