Bahrain’s Telecoms Laws:

The telecommunications sector  is regulated by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (the TRA) which was created under the Telecommunication Law, as issued through Legislative Decree no.48 on October 2002 as part of a number of steps to increase liberalisation and promote competition.

The TRA is financially and judicially independent from the legislature. The TRA’s duty as the primary regulator of the telecommunications industry is to encourage effective competition between operators. In order to do this, the Telecommunications Law gives the TRA significant powers to issue regulations and decisions that impact upon operator practices (this is in addition to the requirements contained under the Operator’s Licences and the general obligations set out under the Telecommunications Law).

The Third National Telecommunications Plan sets out the steps that the Bahrain Government hopes to achieve in further liberalising the market and promoting competition up to and including 2015 and provides the TRA with a regulatory roadmap to help fulfil its primary duties. The current national plan sets out the stated aims of creating improvements in the national infrastructure and sets out a number of targets for post 3G and LTE standards, additional / enhanced security and further increasing competition within the market.