Governing Laws

The media sector in Egypt is regulated separately from the telecoms sector. In this regard, providers of media related services including, inter alia, radio, television, information broadcasting, e-content production and marketing, may operate inside a public free zone area called the Media Public Free Zone (“MPFZ”) provided that such provides obtain all required licenses and approvals from MPFZ, which may also authorize hotels, banks, and/or malls to operate inside the Media Public Free Zone in order to provide their services therein.

Regulators (MPFZ)

MPFZ was established in 2000 by virtue of the Prime Minister Decree No. 411 of 2000 and regulated by various directives of the Chairman of GAFI.

Licensing legal framework

Projects operate inside MPFZ must take a legal from of Joint Stock Company or Limited Liability Company. These projects shall comply with the Arab Media Ethical Charter and the Business Controls and Principles of MPFZ. In this regard, the following activities may be carried out inside MPFZ:

  • radio, television and information broadcasting through satellite;
  • all types of radio, television and information satellite channels;
  • producing radio, television, compositions and work in the cinema field, along with all types of artistic production and advertising materials;
  • printing houses;
  • producing, manufacturing and assembling tools and equipment necessary for the mentioned media activities;
  • offering advertising and publicity and public relations services;
  • organizing permanent exhibitions for local and international companies specialized in producing communications technology and media production equipment;
  • hotels, tourist facilities, and commercial centers that provide services to the licensed projects inside MPFZ;
  • banking services pursuant to the laws regulating such services;
  • Importation and storage of machines, equipment, devices, tools and operating requisites, and spare parts related to media production activity for sale purposes;
  • maintenance and repair of machines, equipment and sets related to media production activity.
  • production of computer systems, programs, design of computer software and production of the electronic contents thereof;
  • practice of educational activity by means of establishing academies and institutions specialized and related to the media field and to obtain all necessary approvals in this respect;
  • management, operation and development of media and advertising projects;
  • marketing and distributing media contents of all types and forms;
  • offering all kinds of media marketing and consulting services;
  • offering services, consultations and integrated solutions in the context of information technology and in particular the media technology;
  • establishment, management and operation of coding and conditional accessing systems, and subscribers services systems for coding and distribution; and
  • any other activities authorized by the Board of Directors of MPFZ with one condition and that is, the activity to be licensed must be one of those artistic and media activities or those related to production and servicing.

Licensing timeframe

Licenses process takes about ninety (90) days starting from the date of submission of all required documents to MPFZ.