Our corporate work is at the heart of our practice. In this regard, we service a range of international, regional and Egyptian clients in every sector and advise on a broad spectrum of corporate and commercial work in Egypt.

In order to ensure the most compliance with the corporate and companies laws in Egypt, we provide general corporate advice covering, inter alia, the following:

  • Incorporation, dissolution and liquidation of companies, of any type,;
  • Opening branches or representatives of foreign companies;
  • Corporate governance issues including attendance, drafting, review and preparation of minutes of general shareholders meeting and/or Board meetings;
  • Reviewing the annual reports; and
  • Share capital, shareholders rights (including minority shareholders rights), dividends distribution, transfer of shares or other securities.

Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts are essential to everything we do. We support our clients’ day to day and strategic business activities and assist them in entering into a broad range of commercial agreements including, inter alia, commercial agencies, distribution agreement, supply, outsourcing, franchising, sponsorship, joint ventures, partnership, logistics, marketing, manufacturing, e-commerce, licensing, technology transfer; and investment agreement.

We understand our client’s business needs and offer innovative and pragmatic solutions for the most complex and politically sensitive transactions.

Corporate Restructuring

Your business if our focus. Our firm is like the engine room, where we understand our client’s business needs and goals in order to provide the most innovative, practical legal solutions to the clients that are involved in distressed company situations or require further legal protection.

We have extensive experience of advising on all aspects of restructuring including, inter alia, redomiciliation of business to overseas jurisdictions, finance, tax, employment, antitrust and intellectual property rights, in many cases with mutli-jurisdictional aspects and, therefore, given the increase of Today’s complex restructuring transactions that require the global coordination of substantive expertise from practice area, we closely work in collaboration with international law firms and “key” financial advisors with respect to handling restructuring transactions for our multinational clients.

Our goal is to give effective and expedient responses that allow our clients to minimize costs, enhance value and properly position themselves for the future.


We have considerable experience in advising creditors, insolvency trustees and other parties when a company is in financial difficulty.

We have developed a team of lawyers who spend the greater part of their time on insolvency issues.

Insolvency process in Egypt takes a long time to be carried out; however, we have a wide range of rapid, innovative and efficient insolvency solutions.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise our clients on all aspects of acquiring and selling companies and/or business. Our experience in this area allows us to maintain a commercial approach that optimizes efficiency, reduces costs and enhances effective deal execution.

We advise buyers, sellers and financial advisers (including private equity) on both public and private mergers and acquisitions.

Our services cover, inter alia, the following:

  • Conducting a detailed high level legal due diligence on target companies or assets;
  • Negotiating our client’s proposal with counterparty/ies;
  • Drafting, reviewing, commenting and/or negotiating projects documents;
  • Obtaining any licenses and/or authorizations that may be required to execute the transaction; and
  • Assisting in closing of the mergers and/or acquisitions transactions.

Banking & Finance

Our banking and finance lawyers are highly regarded for their excellence, broad experience and versatility.

Over the years, we have established a good relationship with international and regional banks and financial institutions in public and private sector, which are indispensable to the effective and smooth closing of finance transactions.

We represented/continue to represent lenders, borrowers and guarantors in the most complicated financing transactions in Egypt.

Our banking and finance services include, inter alia, preparation, review and/or negotiation of:

  • term sheets;
  • finance documents; and
  • security documents.

In addition to the issuance of capacity, authority and/or validity legal opinions, when required.

Furthermore, we assist our clients in understanding the issues that may be arise under Egyptian law from or in connection with banking and finance transactions as well as perfecting security under Egyptian law.

Despite the fact the novelty of microfinance in Egypt, we advised international financial institutions on the regulations of this sector in Egypt in light of the recent microfinance law. We keep also our eye, on a daily basis, in the development of this sector and the regulations proposed to be applied thereto for the effective representation and protection of clients’ interest.

Telecom, Media and Technology

Our lawyers have a long history of advising clients on the telecoms, media and technology issues with practical and pragmatic legal support.

We focus on the telecoms, media and technology issues to understand the practical sense of these sectors.

The head of the TMT team, Mohamed Hashish, has been named by Who’s Who Legal as the sole foremost legal practitioner in Egypt for 2014/2015.

Our services in this area cover, inter alia, the following:

  • Providing legal advices on the legal framework of TMT sectors in Egypt;
  • Conducting a legal due diligence on our clients’ electronic assets in order to provide the most innovative and efficient legal solutions for protecting such assets;
  • Preparation, review and negotiation of relevant contracts including, inter alia, master services, technology transfer, interconnection, end-users, license and/or sublicense agreements; and
  • Obtaining any licenses, type approvals and/or authorizations required for carrying out any of the TMT activates in Egypt.


Our employment lawyers offer sophisticated and innovative solutions to the most complex employment and benefits related issues facing clients.

We keep an eye in the development of employment laws to ensure the effective representation and protection of client’s interest.

Our services in this area cover, inter alia, preparation, review and negotiations of:

  • definite and indefinite terms contracts;
  • outsourcing contracts;
  • Work Regulations and Penalties Chart;

We also advise our clients on several employment issues including, inter alia, social insurance, retirement funds, termination of employment contracts and employment data protection.

Furthermore, our lawyers assist clients in obtaining work permits for recruiting non-Egyptian personnel.

Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers have an outstanding reputation, knowledge and experience with intellectual depth and creativity scope to successfully resolve any type of legal dispute in Egypt.

Our lawyers have appeared before every major state courts and international arbitral institution including, inter alia, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA).

Our services in this area cover, inter alia, handling:

  • criminal proceedings arising in connection with a corporate context;
  • a wide range of civil, economical and commercial disputes and proceedings;
  • domestic and international arbitrations; and
  • investigations by the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority and the Competition Protection Authority.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our firm has highly qualified lawyers in the field of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).

Furthermore, we also have a dedicated team of experienced lawyers who specialize in protection of online electronic assets, which lawyers have a wide experience in providing the most innovative and efficient legal solutions for protecting online e-assets in Egypt.

Our services in this area cover, inter alia, the following:

  • conducting a legal due diligence on our clients’ IPRs (including online e-assets);
  • registering trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights and patents;
  • preparing, review of license agreements as well as the registration thereof with the competent authorities; and
  • taking all legal steps that are necessary to protect our clients’ rights from any infringement actions; and
  • handling IPRs litigations and arbitrations.